Here at GSBC Bleacher Report, we have done much thinking about who the “key member” of Each GSBL team is. This does not mean that this person is necessarily the best player, but what he brings to his team is the most important piece to their puzzle. He’s the glue that holds his team together. Well, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Team Post: Ari Hernandez

We believe Ari Hernandez is the key member of Team Post for several reasons. He is one of the most, if not the most, consistent players on his team. He does not make bad passes, he does not take bad shots, and he makes the shots he makes. He is arguably the best defender on Team Post as well. Ari is the key when it comes to ball movement. We saw in the one game Team Post played without Hernandez, that there was little to no ball movement. Team Post would just dribble up the court and shoot a three. From the sidelines, it seemed they did not know they were allowed to drive. At GSBC Bleacher Report, we firmly believe that Ari Hernandez is the glue for Team Post.

Team Alejo: Mark Alejo

Because of his ball handling, court vision, and defense, Mark Alejo is who we believe is the glue for Team Alejo. When Alejo is not in the game, his team does not struggle to pass, but they do not pass enough. Team Alejo also struggles with defense making Alejo that much more of necessity for this team. Though one of the shortest players in the GSBL, his importance is above all of the other players on his team.

Team Roepke: Tyler Mackay

As easily one of the best players in the GSBL, it does not take a professional analyst to realize that Tyler Mackay is the most important member of Team Roepke. Mackay was out for one game, and we saw Team Roepke greatly struggle to find its groove offensively. In that game, Team Roepke barely squeaked out a win against Team Post! It was then that we realized the great importance that Mackay has in Team Roepke. If Team Roepke is going to make a run in the playoffs, Mackay will play a huge part in that.

Team Keeton: Brad Keeton

Now before you get all objective and say, “Wait! He isn’t even playing,” go back and read the title of the article. It is the key “member” not “player.” When Keeton went down with an injury, many people wondered how Team Keeton would perform and how many games they would actually win. Well, about a month-and-a-half later, they sit at 3-1. Though sidelined with injury, Keeton has continued to help and support his team through coaching! By looking at the players he has, we believe that this team would be very dysfunctional without a coach. However, Captain/Coach Keeton has coached his team to a three-way-tie for 1st place in the GSBL!

Team Mayfield: Steven Roueche

Voted by YOU as the MVP of the GSBL so far, Steven Roueche is our key member of Team Mayfield. As the tallest member of his team, Roueche is a key member to both rebounding and defense. Before the season started, we were not sure how much of an offensive threat he would be, but he has exceeded all expectations! When predicted offensive threats on Team Mayfield now seem to be nonexistent, Roueche has stepped up and been a big offensive contributor.

Team Slattery: Sam Slattery

Though not the most athletic person on Team Slattery, Slattery’s basketball IQ makes him the most important player on his team. It is not necessarily his points (though he does score) that makes him the most important player, but it is his leadership ability that makes him Team Slattery’s key player. He has led his team to a 3-1 record with the one loss coming to Team Mayfield in OT opening week. Before the rematch of Team Slattery and Team Mayfield, we were told that Slattery had a plan on how to win the rematch. He obviously knew what he was talking about as he led his team to a win in the highly anticipated rematch.