Yesterday, GSBC Bleacher Report confirmed that Brad Keeton had a SUCCESSFUL surgery in repairing his torn ACL! The injury was sustained in Team Keeton’s Week 1 matchup against Team Post. Unfortunately, the injury/surgery dismisses ANY chance at a comeback for THIS season. He is expected to make a COMPLETE recovery and SHOULD be back to 100% in 3-5 months!

We are saddened at how a fantastic GSBL career would come to an end in such a painful way! We are willing to put the talent of Brad Keeton in the TOP 15 ALL TIME in GSBL history. He had the ability to take a game over at ANY time! His court vision was second to none! Such a smooth ball handler for a big man; but an even smoother release on his jump shot!

Despite his injury/surgery, he will continue to be the coach for Team Keeton. His presence on the sideline has definitely contributed to his team’s 3-1 start to the GSBL regular season! With 4 games remaining, we are watching Team Keeton and Team Captain Brad Keeton very carefully as they try to push their way to a GSBL Championship!