The 2017 GSBL is half way to the finish. If you are a positive person, the season is half way from the beginning! There has been highlights, low-lights, positives and negatives to the 2017 GSBL regular season. We have witnessed player hot streaks and player cold streaks. We have watched as our pre-season pick for BEST TEAM has basically burned up in flames! The best parts of the 2017 GSBL season have involved players that you would not expect to be “great.” It has been the little things that have made ALL the difference in the success of different teams.

We will begin with our pre-season Power Rankings:

#6 Team Post

#5 Team Alejo

#4 Team Keeton

#3 Team Mayfield

#2 Team Slattery

#1 Team Roepke

We are content to leave our #6 and #5 teams right where we pre-picked them. However, the #4, #3, #2 and #1 have changed over the course of the season. We will include our mid-season team rankings and team reviews in this next section of the article!

#6: Team Post

  • POSITIVES: In the last several weeks, we have witnessed a complete change in the way that Team Post plays! They are playing with alot more desperation and intensity. In the last 2 games, they have only lost by a combined 16 points PLUS they have managed to score 55 points! In the previous 2 games, Team Post only scored 38 points AND were outscored by 38! Jeremias Hernandez is starting to click and we hope that THAT means Team Post could possibly get a win!
  • NEGATIVES: Team Captain Nate Post made one of the WORST trades in GSBL history in between Week 1 and Week 2! It made Team Post worse than they already were, which is amazing in itself! Carl Baltazar was suffering through an apparent injury for the first 3 games, but came back in the 4th game to make an impact! We have yet to see ONE player from Team Post take over a game! Oh yes, they play a RED HOT Team Keeton (Team Red with no pun intended) in the first week back from the break! Basically, they will be 0-5 going into Week 9.

#5: Team Alejo

  • POSITIVES: Team Alejo got the better end of the terrible trade from Team Post. We have watched Matt Morgan and Kenneth Baltazar blossom into excellent role players over the last couple games! The Jon/Jon combination has been the highlight for Team Alejo this season!
  • NEGATIVES: Unfortunately, they only have 3 true scorers in Jon Donley, Jon Keeton and Mark Alejo. While Kenneth Baltazar CAN score, he hasn’t done much of that since coming to Team Alejo. For the first two games of the season, there was ZERO teamwork. Alot of “one-man show” basketball. They have cleaned their act up a little bit over the last 2 games, but their win against Team Post isn’t exactly something to write home about!

#4: Team Roepke

  • POSITIVES: 50 points combined between Dexter Tanqueco and Tyler Mackay and Tyler missed 1 game! These 2 guards were playing top notch basketball for the first 3 games. Team Keeton managed to slow them down, but these two ballers are definitely a BIG reason why Team Roepke has 2 wins! Nate Patton has put up decent numbers so far and DJ Chitty scored 4 points in each of the first 3 games of the season!
  • NEGATIVES: How does Team Captain Adam Roepke not score more than he does?! He is one of the tallest players in the GSBL, but he only has 17 points in 4 games to show for his efforts. We aren’t saying that he is a bad player—he just can’t buy a basket in the key or just outside the key! He works hard, but his jump shot canNOT fall consistently! There was quite a few offensive weaknesses shown in the loss to Team Keeton! Fortunately for the rest of the GSBL, Team Keeton exposed some of those problems that have only resulted in wins against the two bottom feeders in the GSBL.

#3: Team Keeton

  • POSITIVES: Duke Andrade has shown the entire GSBL that he is a VERY capable big man in this league! He has defended shots and blocked shots all while staying out of foul trouble! Jordan Lendt has battled injuries the last two games, but he continue to fight through! Caleb Turner has come off the bench and provided offensive sparks in the last 2 games that he has played! Ricky Friedly scraps and claws his way onto the score sheet and does it from everywhere—the foul line, the key, outside the key and beyond the arc!
  • NEGATIVES: They don’t score enough! Granted, they are 3-1; but their wins have come against the 3 teams previously mentioned! They were pushed around like a rag doll in the loss to Team Mayfield! Their first REAL test will come in Week 10 when Team Keeton faces OUR pick for #1 in Team Slattery. Alex Griffin has yet to prove his worth to the team when it comes to the stats sheet; but he does bring a pretty short fused temper on the basketball court! Omar Limon hasn’t generated ANY offense yet—so we wait for his breakthrough!

#2: Team Mayfield

  • POSITIVES: Team Mayfield owns #1 and #2 in overall player points scored! Between Team Captain Mac Mayfield and Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche, there is 93 points scored! They have 1 more point scored COMBINED than Team Post has overall. (92) However, Team Mayfield has multiple threats in Kevin Baker and Tim Monteiro! They rank #1, #2, #8 and T9 in overall player points scored!
  • NEGATIVES: ALOT of weaknesses and problems were shown in Week 5 against Team Slattery. While they did beat Team Slattery in Week 1, both teams have definitely had enough time to figure out their own teams strengths and weaknesses. Team Slattery exposed some of the weaknesses in Team Mayfield. Oh, when you barely use your bench earlier in the season, they canNOT be expected to produce very much on the offensive side LATER in the season. The bench NEEDS to be used more when it comes to Team Mayfield. We don’t even know who Alejandro Lizardi is except for the random free throw made at the end of the game in Week 3!

#1: Team Slattery

  • POSITIVES: Team Captain Sam Slattery has formulated a game plan that has worked to the tee! He is known as The Professor for a reason! His team leads the league with 28 three pointers! Jared Kobernat has slowly developed into one of the Top 3 Freshman Phenoms in the GSBL as he is 4th for points in the ENTIRE GSBL! (39) Jeremiah Lendt has shown ALOT of signs of being a mini version of his brother, Jordan! We were quite impressed with the performance by bench player, Jon Reimers in Week 2! So far, his 12 points off the bench are the MOST points scored by a bench player in ANY game this season!
  • NEGATIVES: We were alarmed at the amount of 3’s that were still being jacked up by Team Slattery in Week 2 against Team Post. The advantage was 20+ points with less than 10 minutes remaining. Instead of working the clock, Team Slattery continued to jack three pointers up! Team Slattery has yet to play a stout defensive, but they will get their first crack at one in Week 10 against Team Keeton! Nathan Shook and Jerrel Viray have managed to go UNDER the radar the past 2 games, but it hasn’t affected the teams overall performance YET.