GSBC Bleacher Report is highlighting a different staff member every Wednesday of every week. This week we are highlighting one of the most incredible staff members that we have, Bro. Nathan Allen!

We are not sure if there is a more hard working staff member at GSBC than Bro. Nathan Allen! Bro. Allen serves in the Graphic Design Department of GSBC, but his influential reach goes far beyond graphic design! Bro. Allen works in the I.T. Department of GSBC. He is in charge of all the computers in the Computer Lab. He does all the software testing for GSBC. The man who has built the GSBC Distance Learning into a global phenomenon is Bro. Allen! He helped build the swipe-in card readers. He designed the swipe-in card reader system for the dorms which unfortunately does not get used like it should be getting used. Bro. Allen is in charge of the GSBC Yearbook and the making and developing of the GSBC website! Bro. Allen also teaches the Personal Finance class at GSBC. The speakers and TV’s in the GSBC Chapel were installed by Bro. Allen. Any of the sound system equipment has been thoroughly tested and tried by Bro. Allen! When the staff offices were being remodeled, Bro. Allen was there until the wee hours of every morning! Late nights tend to be what Bro. Allen is known for! So, you might ask: what does Bro. Nathan Allen NOT do?? Well…we’re not really sure if there is anything that he does not do!

Bro. Allen came to GSBC in the fall of 2005 and graduated in 2009. He was engaged to be married to his future wife, Elizabeth Allen in March of 2008! The following year, they got married! They have 2 kids which both are daughters. Mrs. Allen in a few words is basically the Superintendent of the GSBC Dining Hall. However, her technical title is the “Ordering Manager” of Food Services! She will be featured in a later week!

We believe Bro. Allen is not appreciated by the student body near enough of what he deserves! He puts in an incredible amount of time and effort for the betterment of GSBC! He has a heart for God and a desire to see the next generation do great and mighty things for God! We at GSBC Bleacher Report tip our caps to Bro. Allen for all the hard work and late hours that he puts in for GSBC!