GSBC Bleacher Report is going to be hosting an ESPN Bracket Challenge this March Madness! The group is OFFICIALLY OPEN for people to JOIN. The bracket will NOT be set until ALL the Selection Show takes place Sunday afternoon! There is a link attached in this article with a PASSWORD listed to join the group. The bracket that finishes with the MOST OVERALL POINTS will be awarded a $10 Starbucks Gift Card! We will slip the gift card under the Mail Room Door to be put inside the winning person’s mailbox! IF there is a tie with points, we will consult among our analysts to figure out an appropriate solution.

The LINK for the ESPN March Madness Bracket Challenge is:

The PASSWORD for the ESPN March Madness Bracket Challenge is: gsbcbleacher

If the details are not clear enough, feel free to send us an email or let us know how we can make it easier for you to understand! We are looking for staff, students, parents and siblings to participate! Enjoy!