GSBC Bleacher Report was on sight amongst the crowds of GSBC students working around the properties of both GSBC and NVBC. We observed many sights and wonders that MUST be made mention of! From people running around the property collecting trash to men scrubbing the parking lots…this particular Work Day yielded pure entertainment. What we take away from today is: the difference between Jacob and Jake Brown is ALOT…we learned it is BEST to double check the spelling!!


  • Washing the Wheels of Mercy
    • We observed a group of men putting forth an extreme amount of effort in washing the buses! It only took about 2 hours and they were completely finished! The only problem was at the beginning of the morning when the garbage truck was trying to get through…we about had a smackdown!
  • Scrubbing the Parking Lots
    • There is always a group of men scrubbing the parking lots of GSBC/NVBC. We are not sure what gets done the most: the parking lots getting scrubbed or the scrubbers having fun! We saw you, Caleb Young! That garbage can holder will NEVER be the same!
  • Wiping down Desks and Lecterns
    • Groups of ladies were scouring the academic building making sure the desks and lecterns were ready for the 2nd half of semester Numero Dos!
  • Gym Rats
    • The men were having a difficult time pushing the bleachers against the walls. Word spread around the campus that Bro. Kyle Boruff crawled behind the bleachers to see if the bleachers were stuck on something! What a guy! Thankfully, the bleachers were not required to be pushed all the way in and the Convention Center was put together!
  • Courtyard Scrubber
    • We saw Ty Woodard scrubbing the Courtyard area all by himself! He knows how to work!
  • Air Blowers
    • We saw Aaron Lopez and Bro. Brent Strouf (might have been others) air blowing the entire property! Legends are made in March!!
  • Dining Hall Delight
    • The Dining Hall was on point with the lunch today! There was something extra good about the cookies. Also, the baked potatoes were some of the best we’ve EVER had! A big THANK YOU to the incredible Dining Hall Staff!
  • Painting for the Lord
    • Dexter Tanqueco was painting around the property! Our hat was off to him as he had to paint all by his lonesome!


All in all, the 3-3-17 Work Day was a success! We liked the new rule about men and ladies not being allowed to work together on the property…we think the work got done faster! Thank you, Bro. Manley! Also worth noting, the choir practice this morning for Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference was a big-time success! Between Bro. G’s motivational speech and the chorale leading skills of Bro. Kyle—we are definitely ready for Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference!!