GSBC Bleacher Report is highlighting a different staff member every Wednesday of every week. This week we are highlighting one of the most talented staff members that we have, Bro. Michael Moyer!

  • Bro. Moyer attended GSBC from 1996 to 2000 and graduated with his undergraduate in 2000. He stayed an extra year and graduated with his Master’s in 2001. Upon graduation, he was hired on staff with the graphic design department. Many people have been reached with the Gospel or reached with the church or reached for the college as a result of his graphic design skills! He has mastered his skill to the extent that he is now the HEAD of the entire Graphic Design Division of NVBC! On top of graphic design work, he is the founder of KNVBC which began in March of 2010!
  • Bro. Moyer is married to Mrs. Jenny Moyer and they have 2 kids, Aaron and Meagan. Mrs. Moyer assists in the GSBC Dining Hall and teaches 2nd Grade at NVBS! Bro. Moyer teaches a Photoshop class for the students of GSBC! He also gives advice on media-related ministry questions.
  • Through the years, Bro. Moyer has been instrumental in the starting of many different ministries at NVBC and GSBC! He has perfected the live streaming at NVBC. He has strengthened the media of both NVBC and GSBC. He has become a household name when you think, “NVBC” or “GSBC.”
  • We are thankful for Bro. Moyer’s faithfulness to the ministry! He has dedicated his life and his talents to the work of the Lord specifically in the Silicon Valley! However, his ministry goes beyond JUST the Silicon Valley. He is also very instrumental in the creation of many different tract designs that have been used all around the world! He has chosen to put God FIRST in everything that he does…we get to benefit from his faithfulness!!