WOW. Where do we begin? Team Slattery proved to the entire GSBL that THEY are the team to beat! Team Keeton put on an exhibition of defense despite their game against Team Roepke being a “football-like” game. In the night cap, Team Alejo FINALLY got a win against the now 0-4 Team Post.

We were very impressed with Jon Keeton’s performance as he put up 18 points on Team Post. Carl Baltazar came out of his slump for Team Post and put up 10 points in the losing effort. Jordan Lendt and Ricky Friedly both scored 9 points for Team Keeton. In the losing effort, Tyler Mackay was held to just 5 points. We applaud Team Keeton for shutting him down despite the lack of calls on Mackay. However, both sides were extremely physical and the refs definitely let the teams play it out. Nonetheless, Tyler Mackay was mugged, beat up, sat on, rolled on, pushed, kicked, blocked and body checked. We do hope that his injury is short term and that in these next 3 weeks off he will be fully recovered. Jared Kobernat popped off for 14 points with Team Captain Sam Slattery following up with 9 points. Stephen Roueche had 11 points in the losing effort with Team Captain Mac Mayfield close behind with 10 points.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with Team Slattery’s ability to hit the three. They made 8 from the land beyond and are poised to go on a run as we move into the 3-week BYE. Team Keeton is the top defensive team in the GSBL and Caleb Turner followed his Week 2 performance with back to back 3’s AGAIN which was followed by his awkward strut/dance/waddle/we-don’t-know-what-it-is. Team Alejo got off the snide and beat the now 0-4 Team Post. Pete Scholl continues to impress as he had 8 points in the losing effort, but definitely had an impact on the court!!

Moving into the 3 week BYE, it is evident that we have a #1 team in Team Slattery, but there is NOW a 3-way tie for 1st place. Team Slattery, Team Mayfield and Team Keeton all sit at 3-1. Team Roepke drops to 2-2. Team Alejo improves to 1-3 and Team Post rounds out the bottom at 0-4.