Yesterday, GSBC Bleacher Report received multiple reports that an incident had occurred involving the Dining Hall. The Maintenance Department was alerted of the situation and were called upon to fix the situation. After 4 hours of working on this particular situation, the Maintenance Department was able to get the situation resolved. Maintenance employee Jonson Yoshimura was quoted as saying, “It was definitely a long afternoon, but we were able to get the situation resolved and everything is back to normal.”

Due to the situation, the Dining Hall had pizza for the lunch for all the college students. There has been no statements issued from the Dining Hall regarding THIS situation, BUT everything was back to normal and up to speed today. Once again, we are very thankful for the Dining Hall and everything that they do for GSBC!! The Maintenance Department is to be commended for the special assistance that helped resolve the situation before it could get out of hand!