Finally, the GSBL is back!!! Week 5 begins at 8:30PM THIS Sunday night on campus at the great GSBC! This week’s match ups will be very evenly matched and could very well tell us how good each team really is!


  • Team Mayfield vs Team Slattery 8:30PM

    • This will be the SECOND meeting of the season between these two juggernauts. If this game will be anything like the first meeting, we will be in for a treat of a game! Week 1’s overtime thriller was ultimately decided because Team Captain Mac Mayfield balled up in the overtime frame! According to multiple sources, Mayfield will NOT be in the lineup for the game against Team Slattery.
    • As much as Week 1’s matchup was ultimately won by Team Mayfield, Jared Kobernat had a chance to win the game with a last second three pointer that would have put his team up 43-42. Unfortunately, basketball CAN be a game of inches and his shot didn’t quite make it to the hoop. If Team Slattery is to beat Team Mayfield, they MUST find a way to stop newly-named Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche! We predict another high scoring game between these two teams; but because Mayfield will not be playing, we give the edge to Team Slattery!


  • Team Roepke vs Team Keeton 9:30PM

    • We are excited to see these two 2-1 teams go at it in the second game of the night! Honestly, this game COULD go either way. Team Roepke is coming off the heels of a “squeak win” against Team Post. However, at the time Freshman Phenom Tyler Mackay, was unable to play due to sickness. Dexter Tanqueco and Mackay both have 21 points on the season so we expect Team Roepke to put up some big numbers! Fun fact regarding Team Roepke: DJ Chitty has scored 4 points in EVERY game so far—can he make it 4 straight weeks of 4 points??
    • Team Keeton is coming off a sleeper against the #1 team, Team Mayfield. The bright side is that Ricky Friedly went OFF for 13 points in the losing effort. Jordan Lendt will be a game time decision due to his back injury sustained against Team Mayfield. Caleb Turner and Ruben Iniguez are both expected to be back in the lineup. The big question for Team Keeton is IF they can prevent Mackay and Tanqueco from making an impact! If Team Keeton can get back to their defensive roots, we feel like they have a great chance of beating Team Roepke. However, on paper we are giving the edge to Team Roepke. We’ll see if on paper will be ousted by the on-court play.


  • Team Alejo vs Team Post 10:30PM

    • Something has got to give! The 0-3 teams will face off in what promises to be the MOST entertaining game of the night. Team Alejo greatly improved in a loss against Team Slattery in Week 3, but still are missing that extra push to get over the top. Jon Donley is proving our pre-season rankings RIGHT by his performances in the last 2 games. He put up 11 points in Week 3 and 8 points in Week 2! Team Captain Mark Alejo and starting center, Jon Keeton have greatly improved their performances as the season has progressed!
    • Team Post played their BEST game of the season against Team Roepke in Week 3. Granted, Tyler Mackay was NOT playing. Nonetheless, they just about pulled off the BIGGEST upset of the season! Josh Brown went off for 9 points in the losing effort so we are expecting him to keep his exceptional effort going! Ari Hernandez has been the heart and soul of Team Post for the entire season. We feel bad for Hernandez because in some cases his talents are being wasted. However, this fact has not been a problem for Ari as he has done his BEST to give his team a fighting chance! We are trying to figure out where Carl Baltazar is. So far through 3 games, Carl has a measly 3 points! Team Post will not win a game this season unless they can get Baltazar in a rhythm from downtown! We give the edge to Team Alejo in this game.