GSBC Bleacher Report is highlighting a different staff member every Wednesday. This week, we are highlighting our newest staff member, Bro. Matt Waterhouse!

  • Bro. Matt Waterhouse just arrived at GSBC this semester and has immediately begun strengthening the music department in both GSBC and NVBC. Bro. Waterhouse already has 25+ years of experience in playing the piano, 15+ years of teaching piano, 10+ years of being a choir director—on top of that, he also has assisted in the Sunday school department, the Christian school and NOW two Bible colleges!
  • Bro. Matt is married to Mrs. Andrea Waterhouse and they have one daughter, Megan. Mrs. Waterhouse is assisting in the Distance Learning Program of GSBC!
  • His hometown is Elyria, Ohio. In 2002, he graduated from high school at Victory Baptist School in Millbrook, Alabama. In 2008, he started attending Hyles Anderson College where he would graduate and MEET his bride-to-be.
  • In 2009, Bro. and Mrs. Waterhouse were married. In 2010, Bro. Matt graduated from HAC. He was on staff at Hyles Anderson College for several years where he worked in the music department and also taught some Bible classes.
  • He is a Godly man who has been gifted with some pretty incredible talents in the area of music. Already, Bro. Waterhouse has begun teaching piano and teaching Genesis. On top of his teaching responsibilities, Bro. Waterhouse is also one of the chapel and church congregation pianists. He has already dropped several powerful sermons in the GSBC chapel! We are very thankful that a man of such a high caliber is now working in our college doing his part in training the next generation to serve God!