With midterms happening next week, GSBC Bleacher Report did some in depth studying on how many days are left in THIS semester at GSBC. We were astounded by the amount of school days left in the spring 2017 semester!! So, we have compiled an article filled with stats and assumptions on how many school days, school days with finals and school days with Grad Week are left in the spring 2017 semester!


  • Most likely there will be a College Work Day on the Friday BEFORE Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference. (1 day)
  • Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference is held from March 6th to March 8th. Usually there is no school on Tuesday or Wednesday. SOMETIMES school is cancelled on Thursday and reconvenes on Friday. (2 days for sure; 3 days possible)
  • The following week after Pastor’s and Worker’s Conference is Spring Break! (5 days)
  • Final Exam Week begins on Thursday, April 20th and goes until Wednesday, April 26th! A slight change in Final Exam Week than previous years. 
  • Grad Week goes from Thursday, April 27th to Wednesday, May 3rd.
  • The total number of POSSIBLE school days left is 41 counting every WEEKDAY including EVERY day off.
  • Accounting for all the days off, there is only 33 school days LEFT in the spring 2017 semester! Obviously, there is a possibility that this could be LESS IF the President or Chancellor decides to have another Work Day before College Days or cancels a day out of a deep abiding Christian love for their students! 😀


Regardless of these stats, there is not much time left in the spring 2017 semester! Once midterms are past, it is potentially back to back to back weeks of at least having ONE day off!! WHAT HIS MEANS: Stay focused! Don’t skip classes! Take good notes! Study hard! Get good grades! FINISH STRONG!!!