There was a buzz on the property of GSBC today as the President’s Day festivities came to a forefront in the Cafeteria/Commons for the annual President’s Day BBQ. We were on site covering the excitement and festivities; however, something was definitely awry. We noticed a panic coming from the Assistant Director of the Cafeteria, Miss Brittany Sears. From outside the Dining Area doors, we could tell something wasn’t right. We saw Caleb Turner and Chris Jaimes Jr. run out the doors and head for a vehicle. Unsure of what the problem was, we were left in a quandary as to what the problem MIGHT be.

About 6 minutes later, they both came running back in with about 225 slices of Kraft Cheese: Single Slices. Immediately, we understood that there was NO cheese slices for the burgers and therefore a state of an emergency was sweeping across the Dining Area of GSBC. Fortunately, the President’s Day BBQ was saved due to the quick assessment from Miss Sears and the fast driving of Chris Jaimes. We later asked the two of them if they knew what they had gotten themselves into. We asked, “Did you fully understand that the fate of the President’s Day BBQ was on your shoulders?” Chris or CJ as he is commonly referred to as quickly replied, “We knew what we had to do. Miss Brittany gave us our orders and we got the job done.” Caleb was quoted as to just saying, “Oh my goodness! It was high drama; but the cheese was bought, not cut and we saved the President’s Day BBQ!”

We are thankful that the quick actions taken by Miss Brittany, Bro. Callaghan, Chris Jaimes and Caleb Turner helped make this year’s President’s Day BBQ another success!