On this President’s Day, we are extremely thankful for our President, Cameron Giovanelli! To his family: he is a husband, a father, a son, a cousin, an uncle. To his church: he is the song leader, a Sunday school teacher, a preacher and student of the Bible. To his college: he is a friend, a faith builder, a smiling face, a force to be reckoned with (sometimes), the Man of God that we all need.

We take for granted the Men of God that have been placed into our lives as college students! Regardless of the fact that this is a national holiday, we at GSBC Bleacher Report also consider this a college holiday where we recognize our President as being the GREATEST Bible College President in the World!

Whether it is Effective Public Speaking or Philosophy of Music, he brings his BEST every day! We will never know the difficulties and struggles that he goes through on a daily basis. However, we never see these troubling moments. The only thing we see is a smiling face, a cheerful greeting and a man who has dedicated himself to seeing the next generation of young Christian adults go forward and accomplish a great and mighty thing for God.

As far as we are concerned, he is the BEST! We don’t know what the future holds, but we do hope that he will ALWAYS be the President of the great GSBC! We want our children and children’s children to be raised under his leadership! An old-fashioned, fired up, fundamental, independent, King James Version-using Baptist Bible College needs a leader who is old-fashioned, fired up, fundamental, independent, King James Version-using! President Giovanelli is THAT man!

So in conclusion from GSBC Bleacher Report: Happy President’s Day to our President! We are thankful for the FIRST 3 years and are anxiously looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring!