Week 2 in the GSVL gave us close calls, amazing saves, and some great teamwork. One thing we know by now is that the games almost never start on time. We’re not complaining, but we are saying that everyone can stay out and go soul winning for an extra hour.

The game of the night goes to Team Burgundy vs. Team Red. This game was the most intense game of the night. We saw both teams battle until the very end. Team Burgundy ended the first set with a 27-25 win. Despite the fact that Team Burgundy won the 2nd set to win 2-0, THIS match was the BEST of the night.

After tonight, Team Grey deserves recognition. Because they were down to four players, Team Grey was forced to draft players from some of the other teams. On top of the lack of players, Team Grey did not even have their Team Captain, Nathan Ralstin. However, the team managed to come together and win a game which forced the match to a deciding third set! Although they fell short of a victory, Team Grey gave an excellent effort and we look forward to what they will bring throughout the rest of the season. 

Starting tonight, we will be picking a player of the night from each team: 

  • Team Navy: Kian Cooksan
    • Kian gave an outstanding performance tonight. Dominating most of the court, Kian led his team in serves, attacks, and digs
  • Team Red: Mike Russell
    • With his height, there’s not much Russell has to do to score points at the net. 
  • Team Blue: Stephen Rouche
    • Rouche isn’t only dominating the basketball court lately. With a MAJOR height advantage, there’s not many battles at the net that Rouche loses. 
  • Team Grey: Mark Alejo
    • The Grey Team has a gem in Alejo. He was one of the four original team members to make it to the game tonight. Alejo is arguably the best hitter in the league. Every time he was given a good set, Alejo made an impressive kill. This killer instinct assisted in leading his team to win the 2nd set in both games Team Grey played tonight.
  • Team Burgundy: Jon Donley
    • Donley had some amazing plays tonight. We look forward to seeing how he helps this team progress throughout the season. 
  • Team Black: Gabrielle de Bellefeuille
    • Although she isn’t necessarily the most dominant player on the court, de Bellefeuille was a key component in tonight’s game. With consistency, she was able to help her team pull out a win. 

After tonight’s games, we can expect the intensity to rise as we go throughout the season. As the days and weeks continue, we will try to continue to bring the BEST coverage of the GSVL!

-The Twizzler