The Staff Member Spotlight this week comes from the kitchen of GSBC! Miss Brittany Sears is this week’s Staff Member Spotlight.

  • Miss Brittany Sears has been at GSBC since the fall of 2010 when she came for Bible College. She was a part of the graduating class of 2014, but chose to stay an extra year to get her Master’s of Ministry.
  • Upon finishing her Master’s of Ministry in the spring of 2015, Miss Brittany was offered a position in the kitchen of GSBC that following summer. Miss Brittany had already been working in the kitchen for quite some time so it was only fitting that she would be offered a position after graduation. She has worked as 1 of the 2 kitchen manager’s at GSBC since the summer of 2015. Some of her past work experience would be Best Buy and Kohl’s.
  • Miss Brittany was originally located at Regency Baptist Church in Orangeville, CA, where her dad was the assistant pastor for 16 years. Now, her dad is the pastor at Coastal Light Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Miss Brittany is the oldest of 3 children.
  • We are thankful for Miss Brittany’s faithfulness to GSBC and even more specifically to the GSBC kitchen. She is partly responsible for the Transformation of the GSBC Dining Hall as was previously stated in a previous article. We feel like Miss Brittany is definitely under appreciated among the students at GSBC, but she is definitely one of the most faithful staff members that we have at GSBC!


GSBC Bleacher Report is a firm supporter in the staff at GSBC! We are always seeking for ways to encourage the staff and make sure they know that WE appreciate all the hard work that they put into our lives! This weekly Staff Member Spotlight is just a small token of our appreciation for everything they do!