GSBC Bleacher Report has undergone an in depth study on the possibilities of some NEW sports being added to the GSBC intramural sports repertoire. NEW could mean some sports that WERE once a GSBC intramural sport, but NEW could also mean completely BRAND NEW!


  • Ball Hockey
    • This sport was once played at GSBC, but we have a feeling that the sport got just a little too physical! We think ball hockey could easily be brought back into GSBC, but there would have to be some strict guidelines to penalties involved in disciplinary actions taken by Commissioner Callaghan and quite possibly the Administration.
  • Co-ed Softball
    • This sport would have to be played in the spring semester. We think the only problem with softball is that some games might get rained out. Most likely, the games would be played on Saturdays.
  • Ladies Basketball
    • We were a little hesitant on the possibility of this sport being played at GSBC. Ladies already play pick up ball and shoot around in the gym—the question is: how many ladies would actually sign up to play? Plus, would the Administration approve the playing of this sport…
  • Co-ed Dodgeball
    • This was a sport at one point in time at GSBC. We believe that this sport COULD make a comeback. Some of the problems that could present itself with THIS sport is the possibility of head injuries. However, if softer dodgeballs are used, there wouldn’t be much of an issue.
  • Darts
    • Before anybody gets all hyper-Calvinist on the possibility of darts being a GSBC intramural sport, take a moment to think about how easy the sport would be to get set up and played. Most likely, the Ping Pong Room would be a possible location to set up the darts board. We think that having a darts intramural knockout tournament would be a really addition to the GSBC intramural sports!
  • Wallyball
    • We already have the racquetball courts so this sport is definitely possible to start. Our President is a fan of the sport, wallyball, so we do not think it would be too difficult to get it approved for GSBC intramural sports. The question would be: could the sport be co-ed or would it need to be gender-separate?
  • Indoor Badminton
    • We definitely feel like this sport is a possibility. It would involve purchasing two OFFICIAL indoor badminton nets; but in the long run, the sport of badminton can get pretty intense when the competitors get into a good rhythm. Most likely, teams of 2 would be formed. It could be a 4 or 5 week tournament in either the fall or the spring semester. The only other necessary component to the sport of badminton would be to get something that could be used as the boundaries for the court lines.


We have compiled a small list of the sports that we THINK could be at GSBC in the upcoming years. If you have any other suggestions, comments, criticisms—please let us know!!