GSBC Bleacher Report is taking a step back from sports and proposing THIS thought: Is Dating in the Ping Pong Room, while not Playing Ping Pong, Courteous to Other College Students? We have received multiple emails from multiple individuals regarding THIS particular issue that has just recently been brought to OUR attention. However, we are very sure that THIS issue has been ongoing for quite some time.

Look, we have ZERO issues with dating couples playing ping pong in the Ping Pong Room. For that matter, PLEASE play ping pong! Many of the relationships throughout the history of GSBC have been developed and nurtured in the Ping Pong Room! The place is an appropriate, safe environment to PLAY an easy sport and date at the same time!

The problem is when the Ping Pong Room becomes a dating parlor. You might ask: Why is this an issue? Thank you for asking! GSBC has MANY places around the campus that dating can take place. In fact, there is basically too many to count. The Ping Pong Room is meant for people who want to PLAY ping pong. IF you can date while playing ping pong, it’s a bonus! The Ping Pong Room is NOT meant for couples who just wanna hang out and stare at each other for long periods of time without speaking! There is ONLY ONE Ping Pong Room. People can’t play ping pong by the benches, or the Golden Grille Overflow or the Computer Lab, or the hallway outside the mailroom, or in front of the lady’s dorms, or the parking lot, or the Courtyard, or the rocking chairs—there is ONE place to play ping pong on the property of GSBC!

There are too many couples getting caught up in this new movement of “dating in the Ping Pong Room, but not playing ping pong.” A couple of thoughts on how this is not courteous:

  • When the Dating Couple stops playing ping pong and sits down, the Dating Couple has just removed the possibility of anybody else playing ping pong.
    • Nobody can tell us that there would not be any awkwardness for either party if two people just walked in to play ping pong while a Dating Couple is sitting in there performing their dating duties. Immediately, the mood of the room would change and it would be very awkward! A couple sitting in there basically says, “You cannot play ping pong in here!”
  • The Dating Couple is taking advantage of a room that is really just meant for ping pong.
    • We are not trying to be difficult. We do not like to be difficult. The room is used primarily for ping pong, but it is becoming a “NEW” Golden Grille Overflow. This problem is gaining so much ground; but we are positive that when people read this article, they will immediately know which couples we are talking about!

In conclusion, we are fans of dating couples playing ping pong in the Ping Pong Room. We are NOT fans of dating couples doing their dating duties in the Ping Pong Room WITHOUT playing ping pong. IF you want to play ping pong and date, play ping pong and date! If you don’t want to play ping pong, but you want to date—go someplace else!