GSBC Bleacher Report has decided to compile all of the players and their point totals over the first 3 weeks of the 2017 GSBL regular season. As we move into the upcoming weeks, we are going to keep track of assists, rebounds and turnovers. We will list the players in order from highest to lowest in the amount of points they have scored overall. Obviously, we will not be listing the players who have yet to score!


T1. Mac Mayfield 35 points

T1. Stephen Roueche 35 points

2. Jordan Lendt 33 points

3. Jon Donley 27 points

T4. Jared Kobernat 25 points

T4. Tim Monteiro 25 points

5. Sam Slattery 23 points

T6. Dexter Tanqueco 21 points

T6. Tyler Mackay 21 points

7. Kevin Baker 19 points

T8. Duke Andrade 18 points

T8. Kenneth Baltazar 18 points

T9. Jon Keeton 17 points

T9. Mark Alejo 17 points

T9. Ricky Friedly 17 points

T9. Jon Reimers 17 points

T10. Josh Brown 15 points

T10. Adam Roepke 15 points

T11. Jerrel Viray 14 points

T11. Jeremiah Lendt 14 points

T11. Matt Morgan 14 points

12. Nate Patton 13 points

13. DJ Chitty 12 points

T14. Ari Hernandez 11 points

T14. Drew Brock 11 points

15. Pete Scholl 10 points

16. Nathan Shook 9 points

T17. Miguel Gomez 8 points

T17. Brad Keeton 8 points

18. Bryan Rodriguez 7 points

19. Caleb Turner 6 points

T20. Jonathan Popovici 5 points

T20. Alex Burks 5 points

T20. Pablo Cuevas 5 points

T20. Jon Horton 5 points

T20. Nate Post 5 points

T21. Rollie Viray 4 points

T21. Alex Griffin 4 points

T21. Chad Correia 4 points

22. Carl Baltazar 3 points

T23. Marcus Peterson 2 points

T23. Jeremias Hernandez 2 points

T23. Omar Limon 2 points

T23. Brian Post 2 points

T23. Luke Hakkei 2 points

T23. Josiah Goddard 2 points

24. Alejandro Lizardi 1 point