Once again, Team Mayfield remains on top of the team rankings! After a convincing victory over a short handed Team Keeton, Team Mayfield continues to show us why they are the BEST team in the GSBL. With the 1-2 punch down low with Stephen Roueche and Mac Mayfield, this team is basically unstoppable under the rim. Outside they have scorers in Tim Monteiro and Kevin Baker—this is bad news for the rest of the GSBL! Team Slattery did what they had to do against Team Alejo. Jared Kobernat put his best numbers up in the win and Team Captain Sam Slattery dropped 7 points. Rounding out the wins, Team Roepke fought, clawed and mucked their way to a 28-23 victory over Team Post. In this game, Team Roepke was basically giving rebounds away to Team Post! It is definitely a true saying that Tyler Mackay is a big reason why Team Roepke is so dominant.


On the losing side of things, Team Keeton struggled greatly in working the ball down low. A bright side was that Ricky Friedly put in some serious work outside and gave his team a fighting chance. Team Alejo played their best game of the season and FINALLY went over the 30 point mark for a single game! There really isn’t much to say in a bad way—they just played a better team. Team Post played a very strong game and got contributions from alot of different names! Ari Hernandez continues to play lights out and Josh Brown played his BEST game of the season so far!


1. Team Mayfield

2. Team Slattery

3. Team Roepke

4. Team Keeton

5. Team Alejo

6. Team Post