GSBC Bleacher Report is proud to announce the signing of The Twizzler. The Twizzler, as this person wants to be called, will be covering the GSVL for the remainder of the season.


  • Since there were no scheduled games this week, we will be taking a brief look back at this past Saturday’s games. With this semester being the co-ed season in the GSVL, we can definitely expect an exciting season filled with intensity and passion. The competitiveness usually goes through the roof in these games as was seen in this past week’s games. No one shows up to lose; however, only the players who came together as a team were able to claim a victory.


  • Since the season is still in the early stages, the “team to beat” is still hard to determine. However there are some teams that caught our attention:


  •  Jon Reimers‘ team pulled out an impressive victory this past Saturday. With mostly male players dominating the floor, this team is a huge offensive threat to any of their opponents. His team came together and was able to win in two straight sets.


  • Team Ralstin also had an impressive 2-0 victory. They set an example of consistent defense all throughout their game. This team is made up mostly with experienced players who know how to work together to run a smooth offense, as well as a smooth defense.


  • You cannot talk about hard work and determination without mentioning the name: JJ Spillman. So one can only imagine that Spillman is the reason that his team is full of both heart and determination. This team does not possess the most experienced players; however, most of them have great attitudes and a humble drive to win.


  • Every team has something different to offer and it will be both exciting and interesting to watch as these teams play each other throughout the season. With one week in the books, the GSVL has already proven that it is going to be very entertaining. It is definitely something you do not want to miss. With such a diverse group of players, anything can happen and we all eagerly await what is to come in the future weeks!


-The Twizzler