Last week, GSBC Bleacher Report picked Nate Patton, Tito Fuentes, Omar Limon, Matt Morgan, Ari Hernandez and Nathan Shook as our Players to Watch. Nate Patton was an extreme let down for us as he only put in one basket—good for 2 points. He might have been a bigger contribution had he not been so tentative in going RIGHT AT Mac Mayfield. We are expecting better things from Patton this week. Tito Fuentes has yet to score and we’re not sure if he ever will. He had several decent looks this past week, but was unable to contribute. Omar Limon had another average game for a freshman which included a couple turnovers in the second half. Matt Morgan followed up his good performance in Week 1 with a solid 7 points! So far, Morgan is the only player in the GSBL to be the BEST PLAYER on two different teams! Ari Hernandez was fantastic despite his team getting blown out! He put up 6 points and had several other good scoring chances. If Team Post is to have ANY chance of winning a game this season, Hernandez will have a HUGE say in that. Finally, Nathan Shook came off the bench and hit one from beyond the arc! For the type of game that his team played in, 3 points is not bad considering they had 9 different players scoring! Once again, there is NO word as to whether there will be 3 games this week or just two 20 minute halved games. So, we have included our picks for Players to Watch for each of the six teams.


  • Team Mayfield: Kevin Baker
    • After Baker’s 9 point performance in the previous game against Team Roepke, we are calling for a 10+ point performance this week for Kevin!


  • Team Slattery: Drew Brock
    • In our pre-season player rankings, we put Drew Brock at #2 just behind Brad Keeton. We have been sorely disappointed so far! Last season, Brock was one of the BEST players in the GSBL! This season, he is a mid-card. We are expecting an all-out blitz of a performance this weekend!


  • Team Roepke: Jonathan Horton
    • The Masters legend did not play last week, but we are expecting him to have an electric Week 3 off the bench!


  • Team Keeton: Jonathan Popovici
    • So far, Popovici has had two of the biggest lay up botches that we have EVER seen in GSBL history! Expect Jonathan to put up some good numbers to help his team get their 3rd W.


  • Team Alejo: Rollie Viray
    • Viray finished with 4 points in the six point loss to Team Keeton last week. We are expecting him to have an excellent follow up game which will help Team Alejo get their first W.


  • Team Post: Carl Baltazar
    • We have yet to hear Carl’s name mentioned this season. We are calling for a 10+ point performance which MIGHT give his team a chance to get their first W.