At GSBC, there are many different types of “Third Wheel’s” that roam the grounds. GSBC Bleacher Report has decided to compile a list of the different types of “Third Wheel’s” at GSBC. Although we will NOT be naming any names, we are positive that students will be able to figure out who these types resemble! For everybody else, we are sure a name or face will be thought of while reading this article!


  • The Looking for Food Third Wheel
    • This person always seeks out the couples that just so happen to have an extra chicken strip or sleeve of fries. He or she will usually be seen slowly eyeing out the food spread to see if it would be something that they want to eat. Usually a pass-by with a, “Oh, that food looks good!” or a “Are you sure you can eat all of that?” will usually be said/asked. The final step is to just find an entrance into the conversation, sit down at the table and ask, “Can I have the leftovers that you guys won’t eat?”
  • The Unwanted Third Wheel
    • This person is basically shunned by the couple despite his or her desperate attempts to get involved in their conversation. You will often see the couple turn the other way when this person comes third wheelin’ down the hallway. Usually the couple will use words like: flea, gnat, cough-that-won’t-go-away or leech to describe the Third Wheeler.
  • The Takeover Ping Pong Room Third Wheel
    • This is the person who just can’t help themselves from entering the ping pong room when a dating couple is playing ping pong in the ping pong room! Once again, a pass-by usually takes place first. Then, the Third Wheel will enter and pull up a chair to “watch.” Finally, the Third Wheel calls, “Next.” Once the Third Wheel has called for the next game, the dating couple is put into that awkward position where they do not know if they should just walk out or if they should stay and play the Third Wheel. The worse part is when the girl beats the guy and then the girl plays the Third Wheel! Like why though, guys??
  • The “Not Realizing They are the Third Wheel” Third Wheel
    • This person is completely obliviously to the fact that he or she is ruining the dating couple’s “alone time.” Most likely, the Third Wheel is talking, talking and talking some more or he or she will randomly walk up and join in on the conversation.
  • The Awkward Third Wheel
    • This person usually says something that ruins the entire moment. Perhaps this type of Third Wheel will ruin a special moment like, “The Last Words of the Evening,” “The ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you,'” or some other important conversation. Another form of “The Awkward Third Wheel” would be someone who brings up a previous girl that the guy dated or a previous guy that the girl dated. You talk about awkward…THAT is awkward!
  • The “Trying to Swoop” Third Wheel
    • There is something called, “The Bro Code.”  This code should never be broken; however, there are some Third Wheel’s that will try to steal the guy’s girl away by invading their “dating time.” This Third Wheel is always obvious because he’ll usually compliment the girl or flirt with the girl right in front of the guy! In the words of our President, “We don’t do that here!”
  • The “I Like Being the Third Wheel” Third Wheel
    • This poor soul! He or she have abandoned all hope of finding someone for themselves. To the point, that they actually enjoy being the Third Wheel!! This person will go from couple to couple and strike up conversations, mooch off their dinner or evening snack, ruin a moment—but all in their personal enjoyment because they like being the Third Wheel!
  • The Parking Lot Third Wheel
    • It is common knowledge that couples do laps in the parking lot at GSBC. We’re talking about Daytona 500 laps, training for walking marathons, etc. However, there is ALWAYS that one person who joins the walkathon and expects to be accepted into the conversation! While the parking lot is fair game, the couples who are dating IN the parking lot are NOT fair game.
  • The Conversation Saving Third Wheel
    • Finally, we come to a Third Wheel who is actually appreciated for what he or she does. Sometimes over the course of a 4-5 hour conversation, the dating couple will run out of things to say. (No kidding) This person will sometimes appear at the right time and strike up a conversation that saves the night! Hopefully after curfew, the guy or the girl will thank the “guy or girl Third Wheel” for saving their night of dating!


We have compiled a list of the different Third Wheel’s that we have thought of. Please fill free to comment with a type of Third Wheel that we have failed to list.