GSBC Bleacher Report is starting a new weekly article about our incredible staff! Each Wednesday, we will feature a different staff member in the GSBC Bleacher Report Staff Member Spotlight!!

  • Bro. Kyle Boruff has been on staff at GSBC since he graduated in the late spring of 2015. He is married to Beth Boruff. They have one son. “Bro. Kyle,” as students often call him, is in charge of the Men’s Dorms and Recruitment Department of GSBC.
  • Bro. Kyle teaches Song Leading 1 and 2, Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey.
  • Bro. Kyle is a student favorite. Much as a famous athlete or political speaker would be raucously cheered by a crowd, Bro. Kyle’s walk-to-the-pulpit-to-preach is ALWAYS the loudest. Last semester, the loudest pop that we can recall from a GSBC Chapel, happened on one of the last days before school was let out. Bro. Kyle got up to preach and the building erupted. Legend says that the standing ovation went for well over 60 seconds!
  • Bro. Kyle is a graduate from GSBC. He graduated in the spring of 2015!
  • We believe Bro. Kyle is one of the Godliest staff members of GSBC. He is definitely a Man of God who is being used by God to make a difference in a MIGHTY way! We are thankful that God has placed Bro. Kyle, his wife and son here at GSBC to assist in strengthening the Cause of Christ!