More often than not, people criticize Bible College dining halls. The criticism could perhaps be accurate, but unkind nonetheless. At GSBC, the dining hall has transformed into a dynasty of Bible College dining halls. The last 4 semesters in the dining hall have undergone an incredible transformation from an average Bible College dining hall to an exceptional and phenomenal Bible College dining hall!

The common argument that people will say is, “Well, starving kids in third world countries would love to eat what you are eating.” While that may be a viable argument, the GSBC dining hall does not need arguments with regards to their food. We get a different meal each day for at least 2 and a half weeks, sometimes longer than that. Often times, we get new meals with new recipes. We have a salad bar every lunch. We occasionally will have an ice cream bar for lunch. We usually get a dessert for every meal. Hot breakfast on Tuesdays, sometimes Thursday’s and sometimes Friday’s. The sack lunch line USUALLY has 4 different choices for main course—granted they are hot pockets, but nonetheless…we get a sack lunch for work!

The dining hall staff is headed up by Ladies of God in Mrs. Burcham, Miss Sears and Mrs. Allen. The college ladies that they have hired to represent the GSBC dining hall are second to none. We appreciate everything that ANY of the CEP workers do for the college, but we have an even greater respect for the dining hall ladies.

Before you criticize the dining hall staff, how about you take an afternoon and volunteer to work in the dining hall? You need to see for yourself the amount of effort that goes into their tasks. To think that while we are still sleeping in the early morning hours, some of the ladies are already working to prepare our breakfast meals! We are so blessed. So before you complain about the food or the timing of the food or the delay in getting the food, stop and thank the dining hall staff for the hard work that they put into the meals. They deserve the thanks.