We have a new #1 in the Team Rankings after an entertaining weekend of basketball! Team Mayfield beat our pre-season #2 and now have knocked off the #1 team in the pre-season AND Week 1’s #1. We can only say so much about Team Mayfield’s success, but they are the real deal and they are hitting on all cylinders after Week 2. Team Keeton surprised some people with their clutch win over Team Alejo. Most of our analysts picked them to lose against Team Alejo especially after the trade that happened this past week. However, defense is the battle cry for Team Keeton and they held their opponent to under 30 points for a second consecutive week. Team Slattery had no problems against Team Post and will rise to the #2 spot in our team rankings. We are not ready to put Team Keeton above Team Roepke just yet; however, next week might hold a different story.


  1. Team Mayfield
  2. Team Slattery
  3. Team Roepke
  4. Team Keeton
  5. Team Alejo
  6. Team Post