GSBC Bleacher Report has consulted amongst its analysts and have decided to list the different things that cause a GSBC court storming moment in the GSBL games. We are not meaning any of this to be taken in a wrong way…it is just the facts that the GSBL crowd will go insane for these rare, but DEFINITELY possible moments.


  • Stephen Roueche dunking on Jordan Lendt
    • We all agree that any dunks will generate ALOT of crowd reactions, but if someone were to dunk over someone else, we are pretty sure that the crowd would partially filter onto the court. There is very few guys who can actually dunk and with Brad Keeton’s injury we think that Roueche dunking over Lendt would generate some intense crowd reactions.


  • Alex Burks crossing over someone
    • Burks has become a crowd favorite when it comes to doing something amazing that nobody expects him to do; so if Burks were to cross someone over, the crowd would lose their mind.


  • Ty Woodard scoring
    • If the younger Woodard brother scores, the gym will erupt. If he scores over top of someone, the gym will explode. If he crosses someone over, his name will be cemented in the Thoughts of Fame for the GSBL.


  • Commissioner Callaghan releasing the complete schedule for the season
    • We have been anxiously awaiting the complete game schedule release for the 2017 GSBL season…a complete schedule release would cause a frenzy amongst the GSBL fans, players and captains.


  • Buzzer beating three pointer to win the game
    • We all know that a buzzer beater to win a game would generate a huge crowd pop. However, if someone were to nail a buzzer beating three pointer, the crowd would definitely storm the court.