Week 2 featured two incredibly close games and one colossal blow out. The #1 team, Team Roepke matched up against the #2 team, Team Mayfield in the first game. The #4 team, Team Keeton and the #5 team, Team Alejo went against each other in the 2nd game. The night cap was the blow out between #3 Team Slattery and #6 Team Post.

  • Team Mayfield 41 Team Roepke 35
    • We were so impressed with Tyler Mackay’s 8 point first half and 15 point game overall. Unfortunately, his team could not pick up the slack for him. Dexter Tanqueco finished 2nd on the team with 7 points and once again showed some of his flare that he had in the first game.
    • Once again, Mac Mayfield played a fantastic game! 4 players did the scoring for Team Mayfield and Stephen Rouesche is definitely moving up the Freshman Phenom rankings after his performance down low! We just can’t say enough about this team. We were incredibly impressed with their OT win last week against Team Slattery, but to come into this game and beat the #1 team…WOW.
  • Team Keeton 34 Team Alejo 28
    • Nobody picked Team Keeton to win their first game WITHOUT Team Captain Brad Keeton. Plus, Team Alejo picked up 2 more scorers in Matt Morgan and Kenneth Baltazar. However, nobody is going to ever doubt the defensive prowess of Team Keeton. Incredible defensive effort up top by Ricky Friedly and Caleb Turner. Speaking of Caleb Turner, where did those 2 nothin-but-nylon 3’s come from?? Jordan Lendt with another 10 points added to his impressive stats…
    • Team Alejo really needs to figure out their offense. Back to back losses to start the season, both games under 30 points and too many guys throwing up prayers. Also, quite a few dirty pool plays that went unnoticed by the ref, but GSBC Bleacher Report is fully aware and is keeping an eye out as the weeks continue. A plus for Team Alejo is that Jon Donley scored 8 of the 28 points! Definitely a plus for Team Alejo.
  • Team Slattery 42 Team Post 12
    • Team Post has no hope. One of the worst trades in GSBL history took place this week and it threw Team Post into a tailspin. They traded 2 starters for 3 bench players and a pair of shoes! Like who does that? I don’t even think the Charlotte Hornets trading away the Black Mamba (Kobe) tops this trade!  A plus side for Team Post was that Chad Correia took advantage of some grind time and put in some work down low and got the crowd super excited! We are apologizing for the meme posted on the Instagram account about Chad and his Patriots…what a comeback!!
    • Team Slattery played one of the most unsportsmanlike final 5 minutes that we’ve ever seen. Pulling up for three with 20+ seconds to go in the shot clock ALREADY up 25+…really? We are super impressed with Jon Reimers picking up 12 points off the bench! He is definitely moving up our player rankings this week!