Last week, GSBC Bleacher Report picked Dexter Tanqueco, Jared Kobernat, Tim Monteiro, Josh Alexander, Jon Keeton and Pete Scholl as our Players to Watch. Tanqueco, Kobernat, Monteiro, Keeton and Scholl did not disappoint us; but we think Alexander’s performance could have been a little bit better than we had hoped for. Granted, Josh did not play very many minutes, but we are definitely expecting that to change this week due to the injury of his team captain Brad Keeton. We will preface this list by saying that we have yet to hear from Commissioner Callaghan in regards to IF there will be only 2 games or if we will still have 3 games. We have included all six teams’ “Players to Watch” just because no information has been handed out as to WHO is playing.


  • Team Roepke: Nate Patton
    • Expect Patton to heat up down low and garner some key second chance points opportunities for his team.


  • Team Mayfield: Tito Fuentes
    • Tito was non-existent in the first game against Team Slattery. We are expecting Tito to give his team some intense minutes off the bench.


  • Team Keeton: Omar Limon
    • Omar played an excellent first game against Team Post. It was so good that we really didn’t see anything bad, but we didn’t see anything too good. For it being his first EVER game in the GSBL, we say it was an excellent first game. However, we think he will play a key role in helping his team win in the absence of Team Captain Brad Keeton.


  • Team Alejo: Matt Morgan
    • The newest member of Team Alejo, we think Morgan is going to be a big reason why Team Alejo rebounds from the debacle of a performance against Team Roepke last week. Matt came with Kenneth Baltazar from Team Post in exchange for Chad Correia, Marcus Peterson and Ben Otovo…one of the worst trades in GSBL history…the ONLY trade in GSBL history.


  • Team Post: Ari Hernandez
    • Ari is just about the only true scorer left on Team Post. Carl Baltazar is the only other true scorer and seeings how Ari had a terrible first game, we think he will rebound with a big time effort in Week 2.


  • Team Slattery: Nathan Shook
    • Expect Shook to break into his element in Week 2! He did not get much of a chance to perform at his highest level in Week 1, but we think he will come through and pick up a few baskets.