Time. We never have enough time to get things done. There is always something that gets in the way of getting our required reading done, our homework done, our studying done, our papers done. A text message comes through, an Instagram notification dings, one of our Facebook posts receives a LIKE, a friend comes into the room, our parents call us on the phone—there seems to always be distractions that take our time away. These are not bad distractions, but they are distractions nonetheless. The definition of distraction is: a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. We might have something to accomplish and we know we need to get it done, but we sometimes unknowingly let something else or someone else distract us from the task that is at hand.

Just in the short period of time that we have been here at GSBC, we have experienced many personal battles that take an extra presence of the Lord to overcome. Problems with a subject, problems with friends, problems in our families, problems at work, problems, problems and more problems. However, the greatest problem that we have experienced is having time, but wasting it. Having time, but wasting it. You see, time can fix those problems. Time can be used to get closer to God and rely on HIM more.

The only way to become smarter with a certain subject is to study extra. That extra studying will take time. The problems that begin to build with a friend, will demand time to be used to fix those problems. Our family was top priority throughout high school and while it may be difficult to find time for our family in Bible College, it is important to keep a strong relationship with our parents, siblings and grandparents. This will take time. The problems that we have at work will require time to be used to fix those problems.

Oh, but how much more important it is to maintain a close walk with our Heavenly Father! How much more needed is a firm foundation with our faith in God! We can grow closer to God and walk in the Spirit IF we use our time wisely. When we get a free hour, is our first response to run to Safeway and grab a breakfast burrito? Or to Starbucks, Pete’s or Jamba Juice to get a beverage? We should ask ourselves THIS question: Is God worth a free hour? If He is, (which HE better be) why don’t we find a quiet place on campus, or in our car, or somewhere just off campus and get alone with God? Now, do we always need to use our free hour for God? Not necessarily, but when else does God get the time? Does He get the time when we first wake up? How about when we are about to go to sleep? How about during study hours? How about our 15 minute or 30 minute break at work?

Is God only getting a 20 second prayer for our food? Are we just getting by with the “Psalm for the Day?” Remember, the challenge is not FINDING the time, it is USING the time when we get it. There will always be a little bit of time somewhere—we just need to be wise with that time that we get.

The writers of this post need this post just as much as anybody else might need it. If we are to become the Christians that God would have us to be, we must learn to use our time wisely! Time is a life. “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14