GSBC Bleacher Report is expecting to see rebounding performances from Team Post and Team Alejo. Team Captain Mark Alejo played an exceptional first game, but his team got off to a rough start in the first half, which didn’t help their winning chances. Expect Team Alejo to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders this Sunday night! Team Post played a defensive wonder of a game against Team Keeton, but couldn’t make timely shots down the stretch to tighten the gap. Expect them to keep firing from downtown, but we think they will make several more than last week. Team Slattery is the other team that came short last, but their performance was superb. Team Captain Sam Slattery picked an amazing draft and we like their chances of winning this week. The only reason why they lost was 2 words: Mac. Mayfield. 

As for the winning teams, Team Roepke still looks unbeatable. We still have them as our favorites to win it all. With Team Captain Adam Roepke and Nate Patton down low cleaning house, Tyler Mackay and Dexter Tanqueco doing their thing up top, DJ Chitty scrapping for steals and an excellent bench with talent and scoring—this is one stacked line up! Team Keeton will be searching for chemistry even more now that their Team Captain Brad Keeton is out with a torn ACL. Expect Alex Griffin and Ricky Friedly to bring the offense from outside and Jordan Lendt to continue to blossom in the paint. With Team Mayfield, we don’t expect them to lose this week. Too many high notes from last week to talk about, but we cannot stop singing the praises of Mac Mayfield’s dominating 2nd half and overtime!

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