Since GSBC Bleacher Report became an entity on January 24th, we have received over 5,000 total page views spanning 776 different devices which make up people. We did not expect THIS much support, but we have been pleasantly surprised to see the extravagant numbers!

The most common question asked among the students in these past 9 days has been: Who is the GSBC Bleacher Report? Who is the GSBC Bleacher Report Guy? Is it more than one person? Is there a girl that runs the website? Is there a staff member that is assisting the students with the website?

These are some of the questions that WE have heard asked over the past 9 days. We have also heard many different combinations regarding WHO the Bleacher Report MIGHT be. We have decided to list the many different combinations that WE have heard through the grape vine:

  • Dexter Tanqueco
  • Dexter Tanqueco and Johnny Perez
  • Dexter Tanqueco and Aaron Lopez
  • Aaron Lopez and Tito Fuentes
  • Aaron Lopez, Tito Fuentes and Alex Griffin
  • CJ Jaimes and Caleb Turner
  • CJ Jaimes, Caleb Turner and Nicholas Butcher
  • CJ Jaimes, Caleb Turner and Josh Chitty
  • CJ Jaimes, Joshuah Unger and Sabrina Harrison
  • CJ Jaimes, Joshuah Unger, Sabrina Harrison and Lauren Gibson
  • CJ Jaimes, Nicholas Butcher, Joshua Chitty and Rachel Matthews
  • Nicholas Butcher, Joshua Chitty, DJ Chitty and Bethany Brown
  • Nicholas Butcher, Joshua Chitty, DJ Chitty, Bethany Brown, Rachel Matthews and CJ Jaimes
  • Joshua Chitty, DJ Chitty and Bethany Brown
  • Joshua Chitty and Caleb Turner
  • Tim Grob and Bro. Callaghan
  • Ben Rivas, Hamilton Rodriguez and Adam Roepke

As everyone knows, we don’t believe in lying. Lying is a sin. However, we can honestly tell you that NONE, ZERO, ABSOLUTELY NONE of these combinations are accurate. IT has been humorous to hear all of the rumors on who the GSBC Bleacher Report might be. We will not be revealing ourselves anytime soon, however…

We received word that an in depth search was done to figure out who we are. In depth to the point that people in high places were trying to hack our site and figure out who was running it! We are honored that our site has drawn so much attention, but that was never our intentions.

We will keep our identity tight lipped for now, but we do enjoy hearing all of the rumors on who we really are…