Wow. Week 1 of the 2017 GSBL regular season did not disappoint. The night cap featured a thrilling 42-40 overtime win for Team Mayfield. There is so much to take out of every game, but we will just get down to the basics.

  • Team Roepke- 38 Team Alejo- 24
    • Team Alejo struggled in the first half as they went down 19-7, but definitely started to find some rhythm in the 2nd half! Team Captain Mark Alejo finished with a team high 9 points. Jon Donley finished the game with 8 points.
    • Team Roepke were banging on all cylinders pretty much from start to finish. Our pick for player to look out for, Dexter Tanqueco, finished with a game high 10 points and Team Captain Adam Roepke finished with 7 points. Our pick for Freshman Phenom made an immense impact with 6 points off the bench and several key assists and rebounds.


  • Team Keeton- 32 Team Post- 26
    • Team Post played an overall balanced game for the way that there team is structured. 15 of their 26 points came from beyond the arc just like we were expecting. Kenneth Baltazar led the team with 6 points. Matt Morgan and Captain Nate Post finished with 5 apiece. GSBC Bleacher Report is definitely impressed with Team Post’s game play, but in the end they still lived and died by the three.
    • Team Keeton a defensive style game that only gave up 12 points at the half wile scoring 18. Jordan Lendt finished with a Week 1 high with 17 points. Team Captain Brad Keeton finished with 8. We said that if Team Keeton worked the 1-2 punch, they would be difficult to beat. Lendt showed alot of people that even as a senior, he’s still got it! Team Captain Brad Keeton did leave the game at two separate times with leg injuries. His status is day-to-day.


  • Team Mayfield- 42 Team Slattery 40
    • Team Mayfield played an up tempo pace with Tim Monteiro showing everybody that he is definitely the new kid on the block! Team Captain Mac Mayfield finished with a game high 16 points and made the game winning bucket with roughly 6 seconds to go in overtime! Monteiro finished with 11 points.
    • Team Slattery showed us all that they definitely picked the best draft, but putting the pieces together is going to be the next item on the agenda for Team Captain Slattery. Jerrel Viray led the team with 10 points. Professor Slattery finished with 9 points. Something to take out of the game for Team Slattery is that Jared Kobernat is the NEXT Kristaps Porzingis! He made a clutch 3 to tie the game with the clock under 10 seconds.