The 2017 GSBL season begins tonight at 8:15PM with the #1 seeded Team Roepke taking on the #5 seeded Team Alejo. On paper, this game could get out of hand really fast, but expect Team Alejo to push the ball in transition and try to keep the game tempo up.

At 9:00PM, #4 seeded Team Keeton will be taking on the #6 seeded Team Post. As far as matchups go, this game could also get out of hand really quick. If Team Keeton utilizes big man Jordan Lendt to his potential, points in the paint will be a dime a dozen for Team Keeton. Team Post will live and die by the three.

Rounding out Week 1 will be the highly anticipated #2 Team Slattery taking on #3 Team Mayfield. Expect Captain Slattery to play the full game and use his entire bench to get a feel for how deep his team actually is. It will be entertaining to see Team Mayfield and their attempt to form chemistry in a very good matchup against Team Slattery.

GSBC Bleacher Report is picking Team Roepke, Team Keeton and Team Slattery to win this week. The games will consist of two 15 minute halves with a running clock.