GSBC Bleacher Report has done some in depth reviewing of the six teams. The final product? The 2017 GSBL Pre-Season Team Rankings!



#6: Team Post

  • POSITIVES: The Baltazar brothers. Team Post has two of the strongest players on campus. Ari and Pete have the potential to catch fire at any time in the game.
  • NEGATIVES: There is no true big man. Kenneth will shoot and shoot and shoot and Carl will shoot and shoot and shoot. Does it mean they will miss all of them? No. This team has no bench. Hopefully the starting five’s endurance is good enough. Rumor has it that Spencer Jones will not be playing…


#5: Team Alejo

  • POSITIVES: Team Alejo is primarily made up with fast and short basketball players. The team has at least 3 decent ball handlers and quite possibly one of the sickest crossovers in Captain Mark Alejo. The Massachusetts Men.
  • NEGATIVES: Again, there is no true big man. This team is going to struggle to rebound. Unless Chad Correia finds some Glen Davis magic, teams with bigger players will have no problem getting offensive rebounds. While we chose Jon Donley as the #3 overall returning basketball player, Donley has since lost some of his high school magic. The only hope for Team Alejo is if they play teams that have players on the campussed list or if they can somehow catch fire from beyond the arc! Marcus Peterson?? A 4th round draft pick??? Wow.


#4: Team Keeton

  • POSITIVES: If Team Keeton can utilize the 1-2 punch with Brad and Jordan, this will be a tough team to beat. The loudest player, in all of the intramural sports of GSBC, will be coming off the bench and should generate some extra adrenaline and energy…Drew Brees!
  • NEGATIVES: How was Ricky Friedly picked in the 3rd round??? This team has no bench and shouldn’t be considered a contender. Caleb Turner and Ruben Iniguez will most likely be unproductive the entire season! Brad Keeton turns into a ball hog late in the game when the score is close! Jonathan Popovici runs a mile a minute and traps himself in the corner. This team has ALOT to prove.


#3: Team Mayfield

  • POSITIVES: Tim Monteiro blossomed and showed off his court vision and court prowess in the 2017 GSBL Scrimmage. We ranked Monteiro #6 in our Freshman Phenom’s list, but we think that might have been an under ranking. Kevin Baker can hit the three semi-consistently and Alejandro Lizardi is our pick for Freshman Sleeper. Alejandro was picked in the 7th round, but we feel like he could have been picked higher than Josiah Goddard.
  • NEGATIVES: Too many egos. Mac Mayfield is known for his ability to over-lead a team and even when he wasn’t captain last season, he was one of the louder mouths towards his teammates. Kevin Baker has been known to lose his temper on numerous occasions during GSBC intramural events and we don’t really know much about Stephen Roueche, Roosh, Rush, Rooooooooosh or however it is spelled.


#2: Team Slattery

  • POSITIVES: Sam Slattery is clearly the smartest man on this campus. He is a legend in the books, but he also is a legend on the court. Sam has picked this team very carefully and we believe it is the best picked team overall, but not the best overall. When you look at Slattery, you immediately think nerd; but THAT is when he’s got you right where he wants you! Drew Brock carried his team last season and Jared Kobernat is apparently the closest thing to Kristaps Porzingis in the 2017 GSBL. We ranked Aaron Lopez as the #16 overall player in the GSBL. We still hold to that decision and we are extremely upset that Lopez was picked in the 7th round behind Miguel Gomez.
  • NEGATIVES: Jeremiah Lendt is not anywhere near his brother Jordan. Jerrel Viray has a tendency to turn the ball over when he’s under the basket. Aaron Lopez COULD get his team into foul trouble. We put Alex Burks in the #7 spot for our Freshman Phenoms, so we all know he has ALOT to prove.


#1: Team Roepke

  • POSITIVES: Team Captain Adam Roepke made it very clear that he was going to go all in with our #1 overall Freshman Phenom. Tyler Mackay was picked 1st overall in the 2017 GSBL Draft. When we look at Tyler, we see the face of GSBC. However, we also see: athleticism, endurance, thoroughbred, determined, super competitive and reliable as a ball handler. DJ Chitty is one of the scrappiest players in the league. Jon Horton brings his Masters Mentality to the court. Dexter Tanqueco is in the top 5 when it comes to sickest crossovers in the GSBL. Nathan Patton can clear out a key with his ability to box out.
  • NEGATIVES: Adam Roepke and Nate Patton can’t make a basket. These guys have all the materials for being the BEST thing since Dirk Nowitzki, but instead they play like Chris Kaman. Brian Rodriguez is a ball hog off the bench and poor Ty Woodard playing in his blue jeans.