GSBC Bleacher Report was watching at the GSBL Spring 2017 Scrimmage that took place last Sunday, the 22nd. We graded different freshman that stood out to us and we have compiled a list by ranking of the incoming freshman phenoms to focus on as we go into the 2017 GSBL Season! The way we graded was team chemistry, passing, court vision, defense, dribbling and shooting ability. We don’t care if a guy can make shots. People who can score are a dime a dozen at GSBC. We care about people who can find chemistry with other guys, pass the ball and not be a ball hog, see the court well, dribble the ball. After all of those factors, then we look at the player’s shooting abilities.

The full season preview will be posted tomorrow night, the 28th, AFTER the team’s have been announced.

1. Tyler Mackay

2. Jared Kobernat

3. Stephen Roosh

4. Jon Keaton

5. Matt Morgan

6. Tim Monteiro

7. Alex Burks

8. Ben Otovo

9. Brian Rodriguez

10. Jeremiah Lendt

11. Ricky Friedly

12. Rollie Viray

13.Nathan Shook

14. Marcus Peterson

15. Spencer Jones

16. Alejandro Lizardi

17. Ty Woodard

18.Josiah Goddard

19. Brian Post

20.Omar Limon