“Our bus route is the best bus route!” “No, our bus route is the best!” “Guys, everybody knows Bus Route #26 is the best!” These would be some quotes you might hear from bus workers at GSBC. Everyone thinks their bus is the best! Well, none of those answers would be wrong. The only difference is perspective.

Having a great bus route can depend on several factors. The first factor would be, the bus captain. Does the bus captain have a desire to see something great happen on his bus route? “Every thing rises and falls on leadership” is a common quote that we often hear quoted, but do the bus captains live it? If the bus captain is as on fire as a brand new freshman who is excited to join a bus route, then the bus captain can harness everyone else’s energy and excitement to produce great things from his bus route.

Second factor: the bus workers. A bus route cannot function without Godly bus workers. People who are faithful and have no fear in taking a stand for Jesus. The Greater San Jose area is a tough place to reach considering that there is tens upon tens of different religious groups trying to push their agendas. We know that we have THE Agenda, but the other religious groups and or cults think their agenda is the one. The faithfulness of bus workers is what makes a bus route so great. Week in and week out, putting in the three hours and even going over the three hours, buying candy for extra promotions, spending extra time with the bus kids during visitation—these would all be factors in why the bus workers make a bus route great.

Lastly, a bus route will be great if there are no limits. Why do we limit ourselves in seeing the amazing happen? Why does there always to be the attitude of, “Well, at least we got 15 kids” or “We got 20 last week!” The bus routes that are great are the bus routes that never limited themselves to seeing the amazing and spectacular take place! It starts with a bus captain who is on fire. It continues with bus workers who are faithful. It finishes with a bus route that never limits themselves from seeing the amazing take place!