GSBC Bleacher Report has undergone an in depth study among college students regarding the “Unsung Heroes of GSBC.” These are the people that do not get near enough credit that they in all actuality, deserve! The unsung heroes will range from staff, church members, contractors and college students.

1. Bro. Nathan Allen

Bro. Allen is in charge of the online classes, the media of GSBC, the website of GSBC, the making of the yearbook, some construction work and the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. He also assists with the church sound system on Sundays and Wednesdays. This is a man who clearly loves GSBC and deserves our #1 mention for “Unsung Hero.”

2. Bro. Kevin Padillo

If there is a guy who seems to ALWAYS be on the campus of GSBC, it is Bro. Padillo. Bro.  Padillo is the guy who is second in command of the GSBC/NVBC/De la Cruz Property  maintenance department. He arrives on campus at 7:45 every morning and doesn’t leave  until sometimes well after 6PM. On Saturdays, he usually puts in a 10-12 hour day as well.  He is the epitome of an unsung hero as we NEVER hear his name mentioned from pulpits.

3. Bro. Adam Russ

Bro. Russ assists with the sound system on Sundays and Wednesdays. However, Bro.             Russ also helps with sound checks and mic checks on Saturdays when people practice in     the auditorium. Bro. Russ helps during conferences in making sure the sound system is       all set up and ready to go. Weddings, funerals—you name it, Bro. Russ is there!

4. DDR (David Daniels)

Now here’s a guy who is king in multiple facets. He is in charge of making sure the men’s   dorms stay clean. That in it self is deserving of an award! DDR also helps in the kitchen       and volunteers in different capacities. DDR is well known for his perfecting of the                   security  department of GSBC several years ago when he was given the nickname,                   “DDR.”

5. Bed Bug Contractors

These guys are legends! Sometimes they are called in twice a week. However, they never     get recognized for their brilliance in disposing of the nasty bed bugs that eat away at our     souls.

6. Mrs. Riddle

Mrs. Riddle is very faithful in encouraging the college students with candy, brownies,            banana nut bread, nachos and cards. She is never praised or recognized for being faithful    in this specific area, but we as college students definitely have taken notice.

7. Deborah Bohman

Deborah is in charge of the GSBC Bookstore. If there is a job on the campus of GSBC that      involves a lot of focus and concentration for such a short amount of time, it is the college    bookstore counter clerk! For 7-9 minutes, it is rush rush rush. People coming in to buy        books, scantrons, Monster energy drinks, refill their laundry card, buy GSBC apparel,            socialize, loiter, etc. She is definitely worthy of being on our “unsung heroes” list.

8. Kaitlyn Wiggins

The “mail lady” automatically deserves a spot on the “unsung hero” list. We’re talking       about a lady who puts up with the same people coming to the mail room, constantly             nagging her for their package that STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED. She helps out students who     go to work early and cannot get their packages during the set times. She definitely earns     her stripes as the “mail lady.”