According to multiple sources, there were several guys who had yet to pay for their basketball registration fee YET AGAIN. One of the most announced announcements at GSBC, is making sure payments are paid on time. There is no point to put your name on a list and expect to be drafted, but not pay for the registration fee! Every semester with every intramural sport, there is always a group of guys who do not make the registration payment in time for the draft.

Now, you might ask, “Do these players still get to play if they pay after the draft?” Of course they do! There isn’t a strong enough foot put down to these guys who do not have the character to make the payment before the time of the cutoff. We at GSBC BR must then ask the question, “What is the point of having a payment deadline?” If the deadline for payments is not upheld, then there is no point to have the deadline in the first place.

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