GSBC Bleacher Report is currently working on a story regarding the newly and highly anticipated Spring Formal set for April 1. The story will feature the financial perspective from a man’s view. With the cost of the activity being $50 a person/$100 a couple, the activity is not exactly the cheapest on the list. Adding to the cost of the symphony ticket and the charter bus fare is the cost for dinner, flowers and a gift. I think we can all agree that the base cost for this activity will range from $180-$230. For a guy on a scholarship, it is 25% of 1 tuition/room/board bill. For a student that is not on a scholarship, it is roughly 22% of 1 tuition/room/board bill.

The excitement behind this activity is already starting to build, but there are several guys who are worried about the cost of the activity. GSBC has already released multiple statements about the activity and has stated that it is very possible for a man to begin saving $10 a week from now until April 1st. IF a man were to follow this plan of saving, he would have exactly $100 come April 1st.

GSBC BR will continue to follow this developing story as the weeks lead up to April 1st.