GSBC Bleacher Report have received confirmation that the Spring 2017 Activity List has been posted in the glass casing. The Big Four, as we at GSBC BR refer to them as, are on the schedule yet again. This would include: The Valentine’s Dinner at Walnut Creek on February 11, the Sadie Hawkins Picnic on April 15th, the Beach Bonfire on April 29th and the Annual School Picnic at Baylands Park on May 2nd. Also on the activities list is a San Francisco Giants game on April 28th against the San Diego Padres.

The most notable new activity would be the Spring Formal on April 1st which will go to University Avenue for dining and then finish with the San Francisco Symphony. This is a huge addition to the GSBC Activity Schedule and will definitely generate ALOT of interest from the GSBC dating couples.