It is common knowledge that basketball usually generates more crowd numbers in the spring semester than soccer does in the fall semester. The reasons behind this are most likely due to the fact that when basketball is played, there is far more seats available than when soccer is played. Soccer always needs the bigger court which prohibits the bleacher seats from being pulled out to their maximum potential. With that being said, soccer is always far more dramatic and intense than basketball. It is a shame that there is no way to expand the seating arrangement for intramural soccer. We think the crowd sizes would be drastically different if there was more seats to choose from during soccer season.

Crowd control has never really been an issue at GSBC intramural events; but with the anticipation building for this next basketball season, we at GSBC BR would not be surprised if it gets a little raucous. In recent years, the crowds usually are larger for Sunday evening events than the Saturday evening events. Co-ed volleyball will be played on Saturday nights this semester so we shouldn’t expect very much over 150. However, we believe basketball has the capabilities of bringing in a 150+ crowd!

The basketball season will kick off this Sunday night with tip off unofficially scheduled for 8:30PM. GSBC BR is your number source for stats and scores when it comes to GSBC intramural basketball.